The Fastest Growing Businesses in The Mount Jewett Area

Mount Jewett is conveniently located in the McKean County of Pennsylvania. Although the community is fairly small, the economy is growing rapidly. In 2000, Mount Jewett was home to a little over 1,000 residents. Over the past few years though, the borough has grown rapidly and many businesses have taken off like wildfire. Many will be surprised at the businesses, which have done so well in the small borough. The fastest growing businesses in Mt. Jewett will be examined below.

Web Design

Mount Jewett has always been considered a community, which was far behind the times. Although this still might ring true, the community is catching up very quickly. This is evident by the rapid growth of web design companies within the area. More and more local residents have decided to take their ventures online and this has created a large demand for web designers. In fact, Mount Jewett could easily be the biggest web designer hub in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Pest Control

Although the pest control companies in Mount Jewett will not see the traffic of a Chicago exterminator, they’ve seen an enormous amount of growth over the past few years. This is no coincidence. The entire country has experienced a growing demand for exterminators. Bedbugs are reemerged and they’re more problematic than they were five or ten years ago. Pest control operations in Mount Jewett have received more phone calls in the few months than they have ever before. This speaks for itself.

Health Clinics

In the past, it was highly unlike that a Mount Jewett resident would take the time to visit a 24-hour health clinic. Instead, they would meet with their primary physician first thing in the morning. Thanks to the rapidly changing nature of America’s healthcare system, more and more Mount Jewett residents are changing their habits. They’re now visiting the health clinic all hours of the night. These facilities provide them with care when they need it and at an affordable cost. Is it really any wonder these businesses are growing so quickly?

Fast Food

Due to the small size of Mt. Jewett, the city has never been a fast food haven. However, that is starting to change. With the residents now being able to access reliable jobs, they have more money to spend. This is beginning to pay off dividend for fast food chains, which have decided to cater to these individuals. Suffice to say, Mt. Jewett is growing rapidly. Before you know it, the community will change to the point that it is no longer recognizable.