Maintenance Procedures Mount Jewett Residents Need To Perform Right Now


Homeowners and renters in Mount Jewett need to work together to keep the community beautiful. Of course, it is also essential to perform annual maintenance to ensure your home is ready for anything for its way. Also, proper maintenance will help to keep your home valuable. Pennsylvania experiences diverse weather throughout the year. Before the winter arrives, it is essential to prepare your home. Below, you will learn tips for getting your Mount Jewett property ready.

HVAC Unit Inspection

First and foremost, you should remember that Pennsylvania can get incredibly cold during the winter. This is no secret. Each home within the community should have access to a suitable heating source, whether it is a fireplace, furnace or an HVAC unit. Before the winter weather fully sinks in, it would be a good idea to have an HVAC technician inspect your unit. An inspection will ensure the unit is ready to go and will remain operational throughout the duration of the winter. This will guarantee you do not end up freezing during the middle of the night.

Call An Exterminator

Before winter arrives, it is highly recommended that you make contact with the best rodent exterminator Los Angeles can offer. Mount Jewett is home to many excellent exterminators and they’ll all tell you that rodents become very problematic during the winter. During this period of time, rodents will seek warmth. Therefore, they’ll attempt to take shelter inside of your home. A pest control company will be able to help you put together a strategy to prevent this from happening.

Consider Your Home’s Insulation

Also, it is important to remember that utilizing your HVAC unit too much will increase your electric bill substantially. Although you’ll want to depend on your HVAC unit, you will only want to do so sparsely. Instead, you should make sure your home’s insulation is sufficient. Can you feel a draft underneath your doors or around your windows? If so, this needs to be rectified immediately. Make sure the warm air will remain inside of your home, so you can keep your HVAC unit off for a longer duration.

Prepare Your Waterpipes

Finally, Pennsylvania residents should be familiar with the dangers of frozen waterpipes. If your waterpipes freeze, they may very well burst and this could cause a major problem. Wrap insulation around your pipes and also consider using electric heating tape. This combination will ensure your waterpipes do not freeze and this will help you avoid a future headache.

3 things to do if you’re coming to Mt. Jewett

Mount Jewett is filled with plenty things to do, places to eat, sights to see and activities to enjoy. Here are three things to do if you’re coming to Mt. Jewett.

Allegheny National Forest


Situated along Mount Jewett, Allegheny National Forest provides four full seasons of recreation such as hunting, boating, hiking, camping, and ATV trails. The national forest is open all year round and free to the public. The forest includes almost 520,000 acres of land including areas within Elk, McKean, and Warren. Over 11,000 acres are covered by lakes as the Allegheny Reservoir is formed by the Dam in Kinzua.

Kinzua Bridge Sky Walk


Known as one of the world’s top most beautiful skywalks, the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk will give you endless breathtaking scenic views of the Kinzua Bridge. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the Kinzua Skywalk was built on the historic viaduct steel towers that remained to stand after the tornado destruction in 2003.

The Kinzua Bridge Skywalk reaches out to over 620 feet as the walkway features a set of railroad tracks that leads toward the partial glass floor. There’s no charge for admission as the park is open daily from 8 am until sunset.

You can find the expected park amenities such as picnic areas, pavilion rentals, hiking trails and the newly opened Visitors Center.

Dine at Kaffe Sol


Just minutes from the Kinzua state park sits Jewett’s favorite, Kaffe Sol. There you can enjoy a pleasant café as you sit outside and enjoy a latte. Coffees come in a variety of flavors such as Chai, blueberry cobbler, and crème Brule. You can indulge in Kaffe Sol’s signature Swedish Rye bread, cinnamon rolls and fruit scones.

Everyone is welcome to visit as owner Connie, and her teal will meet you in Swedish costume.

Check out the many gems that Mount Jewett has to offer, visit us today!

5 reasons why you should visit Mt. Jewett

Still unsure of booking your next trip to Mt. Jewett? From hiking trails to museums and distilleries, we’ve got everything you need that will keep you busy.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Mt. Jewett.

We’ve got 15 campgrounds.’

The forest offers the ultimate camping experience as we offer 15 campgrounds with more than 1,000 sites. These sites include RV camping, boats, tents, and cabins. Each campsite provides a picnic table, grill as well as campsites that are only accessible by boat or hike.

Over 500,00 acres of trails

If you’re looking for unlimited trails, we’ve got over 500,000 acres of outdoor fun. We’ve got hiking trails, ATV trails, horseback riding, biking trails, water trails and more. There are plenty of opportunities that will give you the adventure you care.

Scenic Driving Tails

Pennsylvania offers a traffic-free scenic drive tour that several colors coded driving tours with activities to check out along the way. There you will discover the true America through One of National Geographic’s most scenic drives. You can visit McKean County’s trail center that offers miles of hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling.

We’ve got plenty of History

From local museums including the infamous Zippo museum, crook farm, Eldred World War 11 to Nature sites with over nine parks and centers, Mt. Jewett will provide all the fun activities as you have the opportunity to learn more about the industrial and natural heritage of America.

Enjoy the Winery

With three distilleries within Mt. Jewett, each winery has something special to offer. The Allegheny Cellar is located in Warren Country. This winery sits on the scene mountains that feature a unique nature theme. CJ Spirits is another first craft distillery where they craft the finest alcohol using fresh local ingredients. The third wine cellar is a family built business that boasts of 21 different wines. You have the opportunity to choose a few samples for tasting and to take home.

With all these great activities, what else is stopping you from visiting Mount Jewett?