a1Mount Jewett is considered as the gateway to the Scenic Kinzua Bridge and the historic Kinzua Bridge State National Park. The Kinzua Viaduct was originally used to transport trains across the valley, overlooking the town of Kushequa. The bridge was considered the highest iron bridge with its original construction.

In the early 1900, the bridge became a national state park. The independent company depended on the bridge to carry tourists around the valley with the use of an old steam locomotive. The steel structure was hit by a tornado in July of 2003. The remains of the bridge are left for the enjoyment of tourists and sight seekers.

Since the renovation of the Viaduct, the Kinzua Skywalk was constructed as visitors can tour over 600 feet and look down over 300 feet through the glass floor, located on the observation deck. The Kinzua Bridge State Park features hiking trails, picnic areas, group camps, and scene routes.

The town features notable Swedish architecture including the Nebo Chapel that was patterned after Ersta Kyrka at Danviken.

Mount Jewett is surrounded by the Town of Hamlin in McKean County, Pennsylvania. Our citizens embrace their Swedish heritage as we hold an annual festival during the second weekend of August.